Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Si Kuning Jaundice

I just need to blog about jaundice as both my children had it during their early days of life. My son lasted two weeks, but my daughter was diagnosed as prolong jaundice baby. Sigh..

They said that if the mother has an 'O' blood-type, the chances to get jaundice is higher than the other blood type. They also said, expectant moms need to take care their food and drink intake, but maybe I just don't give those things a damn. I just stuffed everything...( another sigh...) End up, my weight shoot up to 74kg ( last check before I went to labor room . That was 10kg more than my previous pregnancy!

So, back to the actual topic. Jaundice.

Second day of my baby life, my mom and confinement lady (CL) brought my baby to the nearest clinic for her 24-hours-life check up. I still remember the moment when my mom called me to come over to the hospital as soon as possible. She just mentioned that baby had jaundice.

As soon as I reached at the hospital, the doctor told me that the reading was slightly higher for 24-hours-life newborn and informed me that baby had to go under photo therapy at Neonatal. I was in shocked. Mata suda berkaca-kaca...

Welcome to Neonatal.
Yup, but what more I can expect, right. This Unit is for the baby, not for the mother. I went to get bed sheet cover as many as i can. At least, comfier than nothing. Oh by the way, the hospital provide these things:

1. Hot and cold water
2. Foods ( Breakfast, Lunch, Tea-Time, Dinner, Snack)
3. Bed sheets
4. Baby napkins
5. Small towels

So, just in case mommies out there 'have to stay' here, you just need to bring :

1. Own clothes, undies, towels, toiletries etc
2. Own fork, spoon, plates, flask, glass, bottle

3. Pillow and Blanket
4. Jacket ( 24-hours Air-conditioned )
5. Breast-Pump ( keep on reading, you will know why )

During the stays, the routine was like " breastfed-clean up the pees and poos-bathed the baby-eat-sleep" for 36 hours. Oh, by the way, my supply was not 'came' till the third day of my deliver. But once that 'long-awaited-golden-milk came, breast-pump is the next thing you need. Both my boobs were so sore , I thought those would exploded in any time. Mr.D came to the rescue, and send over in the middle of the night.

Oh, talking about visitor. Only the husband is allowed to visit ya. No granny, no grandpa, no uncle or aunty, CL..whatever you name it la.

I thought we would only spent a night at NeoNat, but her reading showed higher the next morning and doctor informed me that I need to stay another night .. ni mimang nangis sampai tetidur suda la.

love...i see love...

Finally, after two nights, doctor informed us that we could discharged that afternoon. Yeay!

One final view while waiting mr.D for clearance.

The next morning, I brought my daughter to the hospital to get her new reading. My heart was so pain to see those scars at her little hand. At her 15 days of life, the medical assistant asked me to send my baby's urine sample the next day. @.@ Punyalah payah part 'menunggu' dan 'menadah' tu air kencing ! But, I managed to get enough sample to be send. Sigh..

The trips to the hospital continued until her 35 days of life, and at the end of my confinement days, the nurse discharged us ( meaning, no need to go for jaundice check up suda ). 

Did I use any 'traditional' way to cure this jaundice?
Yes, but i only permitted to use externally. No makan, no minum..whatsoever. My CL insisted to get this drinks but nah..

My two cents :
1. Keep on breastfed the baby
2. Don't give up with breastfeeding
3. Please, don't give drinks or foods to the baby at their early days..
4. Observe your own food intake..limit those gingers if possible

As long the baby is fine,then, you are doing good.

That's all for now..

Much love,
1330 | 21072016

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