Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hello to Hey Yo!

Holaaa everyone!

Welcome to my new 'space' or should i say the long-hiatus-blog-but-i-just-made-new-one !  I am just so excited to have this feeling to write again. What more when mr.D gave me some words of encouragement . Ah, yes..he has been one of my loyal reader for so long :)

So, to answer some questions that might be arise..ha ..

* So, what happened to the old blog?
I just made my decision to delete it, but this blogspot made it to be keep hiddenly for 90 days more.

* Why I just did not continue what I started?
Hurmmm...I just want new ambiance . Well, you know the feeling when you own a new thing? That's it.

*  How am I?
Well..I got married in 2011, had a son in 2012, and another new addition, a daughter in 2015. I am still teaching at the same school, and still living under the same roof with my parents.

* So, anything new?
YES..I will blog about those one by one..

I guess that's all for now. I just need to familiarize with this new template thing this couple of days.

Thanks for reading, you.

Much love,
1727 | 20072016

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