Monday, September 5, 2016

Yoga and Me

I started Yoga somewhere in July 2013 because it like a 'hit' during that time. To see most of my Ig's friends posted their poses and progress in Yoga practice was totally hit me to give it a try. I was in my 15 months post-partum that time with 54 kg.

I still remember during my first few months practicing the yoga was mainly about to get the 'perfect-pose' to be uploaded ..sigh..I didn't took serious with the sun salutation, I just warmed up with whatever compound exercise I could think of. -.-

This happened for couple of months, until one day I joint my fellow friends to have Yoga Outdoor. They asked me about Sun Salutation A and B, and I was like..what? duhh? again, what? @.@ Days after that, I browsed the proper Sun Salutation A and B from the Youtube, and tried to follow the flow. I was dying. Ahaaaa..My whole body was sore. And I couldn't imagine if I joint a class..sigh

(The above picture was taken somewhere in 2014)

In middle 2014,  the feeling to practice to get the 'perfect-pose' was become lessen, but I still joint yoga challenges , hosted by Yogis around the world from the Ig. There are times I push my body up to its limit, but all I get were muscle sores and bruises especially at the legs and forearms. sigh.. 

In 2015, I slow down my Yoga practice as soon as I knew I was carrying baby number two. I didn't do any inversions (headstand, forearm..)  as I guess I was not ready and scared that I might fall down ..

At 3 months post-partum, I started my yoga practice again. This second pregnancy made my weight shoot up to 25 kgs more ! And I just lost 6 kgs after delivery. When I started my light practices, clean and healthy eating, I was in my heaviest I guess, 67kg mannnnn -.- I just couldn't see myself long enough in front of the mirror, I just can't..sigh..

Up until today, I am still learning to deepen my flow with the help from Youtube. And at 12 months post-partum, I could smile again to see the scale slowing down to 56kg ..

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