Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My journey to have better and healthy skin

Ladies, who does not want to have better and healthy skin ? For 20 years plus, I had issues with my skin problem, whether pimples covered my skin, or too oily, or sometimes became reddish due to sun exposure without any cover. sigh

My early 20s was a bit sad. What more when I furthered my studies in Labuan and Penang.  Due to lack of sleeps and lots of assignments and hoo haa things, i feel sorry to my skin.

Last November, something knocked on my head when I saw my skin condition on the mirror. Eventho pimples were gone, but the scars remain. Pigment slightly shown , and my pores are visible enough eventho covered by makeup. ( another sigh..)

To cut the story short, after many reviews, browsing and research, I made my mind to give it a try to Mary Kay Products.

I was introduced with Botanical Effect Oily Range Set by MK beautician Georgie Jaulah. We never met before, we just had conversations though FB Messenger. She explained and answered me patiencely, and within 24 hours, I made myself clear that I want to be part in Mary Kay world.

When my parcels arrived the next few days, I was so excited to see samples given FOC by Mary Kay. I just love free stuff! That very same day, I started my skin care regime with Mary Kay.

To be honest, the next three weeks, I was so anxious to see the progress.  Every time I see myself on the mirror, I would stand up close to the mirror to 'count' the pores. Ha!

You can see those large pores shrinking within a month. I would say slow progress, but I know to have such healthy skin won't happened in a blink of an eye. So, patience and consistentency are the keys.

These are my babies for now, and I am planning to change to Timewise range . If you have any questions , you may leave your contact number and i will get  to you as soon as possible.

I just don't want to sell the products, but I want to help people with skin problems, as what I experienced before.

I share because I care.. I sell because I experienced..

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