Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Post Birth Story

Every mother has their own birth story to tell. Both of my children were born a little delay from their due date. My first son was 2 days late, while my second daughter was 4 days late. I was worried and scared at the same time, because upon hearing those overdue stories, but I believe when a baby is ready to face the world, then labor will start (by nature) ^.^  .

My EDD given by doctor was 24th of September 2015. Don't  tell me to go for walk, or be active while waiting for the labor day. I did. I did yoga, I went for walk, I planted flowers...But, like I said, baby was not ready yet.

I had to 'surrender' myself every single day to the nearest clinic if there is still no progression. The nurse who attended me said that baby was okay, the heart beat was normal, and I need to continue monitor the kicking as well.

24th September 2015
It's due day! But I was still at home, mingling with my son. Mr.D accompanied me to visit daily-checkup at the clinic, and went for breakfast. I was hoping there will be any sign/spot etc..but none.
The rest of the day, eat sleep and resting mode.

25th September 2015
1st day overdue . Went to the clinic for another check up. Everything was okay, and Mr.D brought us to kai-kai on top of Manis-Manis Resort. I couldn't catch up my own breathe to walk and play with my son, but the rest of the day, sign/spot was not there yet. So, I went back home..and continue my eat-sleep-rest mode.

26th September 2015
2nd day overdue. Eat-sleep-rest mode, plus ICE CREAM treat!

27th September 2015
3rd day overdue. Spotted blood stain upon waking up. Okay..I guess this is it. But there was no sign of contraction or what so ever. The rest of the day, stain keep on coming. I could feel light contraction during my night sleep, so I just continue my eat-sleep-rest mode.

28th September 2015
I was awaken by mild ( but i still could handle ) contraction around 3 a.m. I paused and tried to count the gap of each contraction. I waited for like half an hour, then only felt another contraction. I keep on asking myself weather wanted to go to the hospital like now, or later. I chose to hold till 4a.m. Contraction was suddenly stop after the second one, but I could feel blood, and more blood came out.

Mr.D accompanied me to the hospital nearby, and I was then proceed to the procedure room around 5a.m for CTG. Baby's heart beat not so okay, and her movement was so weak. I guess she was asleep. A nurse check my opening,and it was only 1 cm ..sigh, another hours to wait till 10 cm !

After one hour, the nurse came and told me the doctor asked her to run another CTG on me. She was unhappy with the first result. Okay..I laid there for another hour. I glimpsed to the clock and it showed 6 a.m .

7a.m Change of working shift.

Another doctor attended me and asked me to run another CTG as she didn't satisfied with the result. A nurse came and told me that I need to put in water drip as I did not take any breakfast that morning, and it may caused that 'unsatisfied-heart beat' result. So, another hour to lay down waiting the one full bag of water to be flow inside my body, and continue another CTG. Sigh..

Between 6 a.m to 7.45 a.m, I could feel mild contractions came and become stronger. But, nah..nurse said maybe later that evening or night I will be in labor. So, they release me to go home..

8a.m  I was home. Mr.D went to buy me breakfast. Mom was a bit shocked to see me was sent home. I just told her I was only 1 cm . Another days to wait I guess.

9a.m Contractions came stronger. Mr.D accompanied me and tried to hold me, but yeah.. -.- I was a bit reluctant to go the hospital that early, since I know I was only 1 cm.

10a.m I went to take bath. Only God knows how long I took time to take my bath in between contractions.. sigh

10.40a.m Okay..I guess i couldn't hold much, I asked Mr.D to send me back to the hospital

10.50a.m Reached, and checked. The nurse was suprised to see me back to the hospital with so much pain. And when she V.E-ed me, I was 6c.m. All I could hear her shouting 'to the the labor..'. Another nurse attended me and put a needle on my hand. I then walked slowly in between contraction the the appointed room as I refused to be seat on wheel chair.

11.00a.m Another nurse V.E me and told me, baby was on her way to come out ! Oh my... Everything seems so fast, and within that 4 critical minutes, my princess was born with eyes wide.


12.30p.m My baby and I were sent to the normal ward before discharged. I need to wait 6 hours before doctor could release me because they need to monitor both mother and baby within that 6 hours. 

Fast forward, by 7.30 p.m my baby was home for the first time.. And my journey as a mother of two started on that day itself :))

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  1. Wah..mcm baru jak ko beranak kan moi...tup tup 1 tahun suda ur lil sumandak :)